You’ve heard of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and even GoFundMe. In exchange for a few hundred dollars, you can participate in launching worthwhile projects, charitable causes and even new products or services.

Did you know that Crowdfunding is also used to invest in private businesses? Historically, this type of investment was only reserved for the rich and the wealthy. In 2012, the JOBS Act was signed into law which opened the doors to private equity investing for those of us…not quite there yet.

Now, ordinary investors can invest smaller denominations in private businesses.

IPO Wallet gives you the best of both worlds. Private equity opportunities that potentially could be publicly listed at some point in the future.

IPO Wallet allows you to invest in those companies you love and want to support.

With your very own IPO Wallet, you can decide to invest $1000, $500, $100, even $25 into growing companies that offer founder’s level equity for early investors.

With IPO Wallet, this is now a reality for average investors looking to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new company.

Are you ready to build your IPO Wallet?